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Travelogue Collection Candle

Travelogue Collection Candle

$ 39.95

Each unique fragrance captures the culture and character of some of the world’s most exotic locations. Each subtle scent will bring you on a journey that will open the mind and soothe the soul.

GOA - sea spray ~ mandarin ~ jasmine
A center for holistic healing and massage, Goa is famously summed up by the Konokani word ‘sussegad,’ meaning ‘relaxed’. A mesmerizing blend of sea spray, mandarin and jasmine, Goa will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

MARRAKECH - rose ~ angellica ~ frankincense
From the bustling bazaars and energizing atmosphere of the cities, to the serenity of the desert, Morocco is a land of mystery and contrast. Marrakech is an exotic earthy blend of rose, angellica and frankicense that captures the magic of this Mediterranean melting pot.